today was a good day to suck it up, take a tylenol and go outside. good food and good fun, old summer palace is at the top of my list of favourite places in Beijing now. climb all the things!

I’ve forgotten all my arrow-pushing skills from ochem and that makes me sad :( sn2, sn1, benzenes, electrophilic substitution, why are you all strangers again?! its hard to keep lots of memorization-dependent things in your head for a long time when you don’t think about it every day.



learning languages is fun until i gotta do it for a grade

Learning new things in general is fun until I have to do it for a grade

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to the tune of “everything is awesome” from the lego movie:

eevvverything is broken!

everything is broken this won’t do what i want

everything is broken so many errors ive madeee

Relaxing evening

Watching an old romance film…

With my mother

And my dog
Who insists on barking madly whenever one of the many horses shows up on the screen
Hope there aren’t any important plot development points revealed while the actors and actresses are on horseback.

Summer days

I’ve gotten into the habit of going out for bike rides every day, so that it feels like a necessity in my combat against total lethargy. It’s a battle that is more often lost than won. I think I’ve managed to associate the entire house with nap time. I can usually find things to occupy myself with in Berkeley. 

Riding along and getting pseudo-lost (more like momentarily disoriented) in this little town also gives me a bit of time to get lost in thought… at least, as lost as you can get while also trying not to get run over. 

I believe I spend a disproportionate time thinking about things rather than doing things. I’m very good at complaining to myself that I never do anything useful. And then I open facebook. Or youtube. or tumblr. Hm. I wonder what the problem is. 

I used to write so much; now, the occasional journal scribbles are hardly more than just scribbles. (Figuratively, as well as literally. I am certain my penmanship is getting exponentially worse, now that I no longer have many handwritten assignments to turn in. The ones with a larger than 1:1 number-to-word ratio don’t really count.) 

Perhaps getting back in the habit of writing regularly will help with that. I planned to blog regularly about my adventures in China, but why wait? I am impatient. A week is so far away. 


much unfocused.

such illogic.

why don’t i listen to the perpetual chastising voice in my head telling me to stop playing games and do something productive for a change. i am perfectly aware of the long list of things on my to-do list. and yet. 

Why am I so damn awkward. Its kind of debilitating.

I think this should be a thing

I think this should be a thing